Tamara Mellon Heels

              Theory Blazer c/o  Crossroads , Pistola Jeans /  Stitch Fix , Heels c/o  Tamara Mellon

              Theory Blazer c/o Crossroads, Pistola Jeans / Stitch Fix, Heels c/o Tamara Mellon

[Have I really not posted since October? Okay, I may be slacking on this whole blogging thing but that is about to change, trust me & stay tuned!]

Sometimes, when I am scrolling through my Instagram feed, something catches my eye among the countless #ootds or funny memes. Recently, I started seeing Tamara Mellon shoes all over my  feed and fell in love the luxe look of their designs and the fact that it is a company by women, for women (Read what they're all about here).

As someone who used to work in nightlife and had to wear and run around in heels for hours at a time, I'm definitely picky when it comes to shoes. Comfort is high on my list, but let's be real, I'm definitely all about the fashion. These gorgeous Linger heels by Tamara Mellon are just as much sexy as they are comfortable. I've already taken them for a spin on the town and have also been incorporating them into more of my casual outfits like this look above. Shop these beauts by clicking here and be sure to check out all of the other lust-worthy styles on their website. 

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