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Top & jeans c/o  AG Jeans

Top & jeans c/o AG Jeans

Two posts ago I went on a slight rant about how much I am loving the neck scarf craze this summer, so imagine my enthusiasm when it comes to this matching style from AG Jeans Summer collection! There are so many ways to wear this neck tie, but the wind was blowing just right this morning and I wanted to add a bit of movement to the outfit, so a simple tie around the neck did the trick just fine.

Slightly hidden by this beautiful blouse are these essential white skinny jeans also from AG. Check out the button up fly?! It definitely fulfills all of my vintage dreams! White jeans are a summer must have, but full disclosure, I've never owned a pair before these. In all honesty, I am not a messy person, however, whenever I wear white, I someway or another end up brushing up against a car, spilling my wine or running into a friend and their cute puppy while out at lunch, so yeah, you get the idea. I am determined to have this pair change the game for me though! 

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