I've recently been overhauling my entire wardrobe with high quality essentials and let's just say, I've gotten rid of so many pieces that now I am finding that I have to be a bit creative when it comes to dressing. This peplum style blouse is from Sincerely Jules summer 16 collection and I bought it so late in the season that I only had a few opportunities to wear it last year. Now that spring is officially right around the corner I've been staring at it just waiting warmer weather to hit so that I could wear it! Let's just say my patience got the best of me and I just threw it over this mock neck Zara sweater and called it a day! I ended up loving the baggy texture created by layering small over big and plan on experimenting with layering more throughout the remainder of the season!

Yes, I am spoiled. I did snag these dope vintage earrings at the awesome vintage spot I live above! It is both a curse and a blessing living within such a close proximity of a curated vintage shop! It's called Old Gold if you're ever in midtown Sac and want to spend all your hard earned $$$! 

P.S. These MCM sunnies via @Eyeconic have been glued to my face the moment I got them! I mean, you would be surprised how difficult it is to find such a versatile and chic pair of sunnies!

Recreate my layered look below!

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