Essential: Denim Shirt

Those of you who know me, understand that my love for denim runs deep. Not only is it one of my favorite mediums to sew with, but it is also made of cotton, which let's face it, is the comfiest of all fibers. I have practically been living in this denim shirt for the past week or so. Pairing it with black jeans and some gold accents, like this purse, instantly dresses it up. I had been wanting this purse for a while now because it reminded me of the 100+ designer bags (specifically Chloe) that I am always lusting after, but this beauty was under $30. The deal of a century my friends! Shop this look below!

Btw, is anyone else beyond excited for spring? We have had a few great days recently here in Sac and it is making me anxious for blooming flowers, open-toe shoes and sundresses, lots and lots of dresses! 

Samantha FurnoComment