Sacramento Antique Faire

I popped my Sac Antique Faire cherry this morning.  I always plan on going but for some reason I always completely forget about until its practically over.  But today was the day I remembered to get out of bed and go!  All I have to say is I wish I brought wayyyyyy more cash and had more shelves for nicknacks because there was so much great stuff!  The tables above were probably my favorite thing I saw today.  The woods were all different in type and stain and were assembled by master woodworkers to perfection!  Sadly I didn't take one home with me today but I grabbed the dealers contact and I am hoping they make some dining tables soon.  My suggestion: Check out the antique fair again next month, theres plenty of parking and shade, so you don't have to worry about burning up in this summer-like sun!  The website is below with the dates and times, I also have a link to the Alameda fair as well.  (I'll be in Europe so I'll be missing the next one :( but check it out for me!)

Samantha FurnoComment