All Photos by Adam Dillon. Website  here.

All Photos by Adam Dillon. Website here.

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Black is always, and forever will be, my go-to color when dressing for the city.  It's a minimal and sleek color that allows you to blend in while stomping through the streets, but also gives you that "fashion is my middle name" vibe.  I felt like switching it up a little bit with this look by adding in a different shade, navy.  I feel like people always say mixing black and navy is taboo, but I think these colors look beautiful together and provide a much needed contrast in a black on black fit.  As usual, its hard to believe, but I actually scored this lightweight, navy button up on a recent outing to Crossroads for under $10.  Its got high slits on the side and a great graph-like pattern giving it a more modern twist.  Pairing it with this awesome leather jacket was a no brainer because let's face it, a leather jacket is like the big red bow on a present; it ties everything together.  

I am going to SF again this weekend/next week and would love any and all suggestions! (Food, drinks, shopping, secret places!)

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